2022 2nd International Conference on Informatization Economic Development and Management Engineering (IEDME 2022)
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2022 2nd International Conference on Informatization Economic Development and Management Engineering (IEDME 2022) accepts original and unpublished papers. The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to Information System Management, Electronics and Information Technology, Economics Management, Big Data Application and Analysis, Data Visualization, Information Processing and Engineering, Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis, Lighting Engineering and Management, Global Manufacturing and Management, Industrial Design and Manufacturing.


Information System Management
Management and organizational behavior
Internet Technology
Internet of Things Technology
Customer Relationship Management
Computer Application
Information Collection and Analysis
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Communication and Network
Computer Science and the Internet
Education Information Management
Military Information Management
Enterprise Information System
Information Technology
Knowledge Acquisition and Management
Science and Technology Information Management
Information Engineering
Strategic human information resource management
 Economic Information Management
5G Communication and Network
IT Education and Security
Multimedia Application and Processing
Internet of Things and Big data
Green Communication Systems
Innovative Education System and Application
Design of Management Information System


Electronics and Information Technology

5G and 6G Communication
Network Structure and Networking Protocol
Communication Scheme
Computer Communication Network
Communications Modelling
Coding、Modulation and Diversity
Nonlinear Waveguide
Communicate and Basic Microelectronics Technology
Acousto-Electromagnetic Scattering
Optics and Magnetism
Wave and Electromagnetism
Communication Technology
Condensed Matter Physics
Photonics and Electro-optical Electricity
Energy and Industrial Applications
Engineering Material
Microelectronics Systems
Circuits and Systems
Microwave Technology and Antenna
Information   Countermeasure Technology
Microelectronics and Solid Electronics
Analog and Digital Communications
Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Waves
M2M、V2X、and D2D Communication
Maritime Communication System and Networks
Multimedia Communication
Power Electronics Technology
Radar Engineering
Circuits and Systems
Millimeter Wave Communication
Tera Hertz (THz) Communication
Information Technology
Accounting and Financial Information System
Business Strategy and Information Technology
Data Mining
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Hardware and Software Co-Design
Information Theory
Information and Knowledge
Information and System safety

Informatization Economics Management

Informatization of Marketing Management
Strategic Human Information Resource Management
Big Data Decision and Business Model
ICT and Management Applications
Information Technology and Management Science
Economic Model and Software Engineering
Data Analysis and Modeling in Economic Management
Network Channel Customer Relationship Management
Electronic Collaboration and Electronic Services
Marketing and E-commerce
Finance and Trade
Financial Management and Accounting
Business and Economics
Financial Investment

Big Data Application and Analysis
Performance Appraisal and Modeling
Software and Tools of Big Data Management
Abnormal Detection of Super Large System
Economic Statistics under Big Data
Big Data Analysis of Enterprise、Government and Society
Resource Management Method for Big Data System
Econometrics and Big Data Analysis
Big Data Encryption and Security Applications
Service Calculation in Big Data Application
Big Data Analysis of Business Model Innovation
Visual Large-Scale Security Data
Multimedia Data Application Analysis
Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Analysis and Processing
Other topics of Management and Big Data Combination


Data Visualization
Computer Graphics
Scientific Visualization
Image Processing Visual Analysis
Computer Image
Information Visualization
Visual Data Processing
Interactive Technology in Visualization
Visual Analysis of Large (scale) Data
Visualization and Visual Analysis Theory
Data visualization and Visual Analysis Applications (including natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, etc.)

Information Processing and Engineering
Electronic Science and Technology
Information and Communication Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Application of Information Technology in Enterprises
Internet, E-commerce and Multimedia
Network Protocol
Intelligent Computing Technology
Network Protocol
Information and Communication Engineering
Multimedia System and Signal Processing



Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis

Project Cost Management
Engineering Standards and Information
Project Management
Visualization of Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis

Global Manufacturing and Management
Industrial Internet of Things
Production Process Management
Lean Manufacturing
E-commerce in Manufacturing
High Value-added Manufacturing
Manufacturing Knowledge Management
Intelligent Robots and Drones
Agile Manufacturing
Cloud Manufacturing and Network Security
Digital conversion Technology
Flexible Manufacturing
Operation Management
Mechatronics and Automation
Enterprise Resource/Inventory Management
Intelligent Production Management
Digital Manufacturing in the Global Era
Supply Chain Management
Production System and Maintenance
Smart Manufacturing/Future Factory
Total Quality Management
Manufacturing Big Data Analysis
Manufacturing System Modeling and Simulation